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Luigi Honorat | Intangible II-VI

Updated: Jul 6, 2018

Luigi Honorat is a French artist based in Tokyo. Self-taught CG artist, he studied sculpture in a Japanese art university. His practice bridges the two mediums, using computer graphics to explore new sculptural forms and ways to create. Alternatively, using the principles of sculpture to inform his practice in computer graphics. He is looking for a the balance between the slow pace of physical sculpture making and the very fast pace of digital media. His practice focuses on the meaning of reality and virtuality, matter and data, beauty and the uncanny.

The ‘Intangible’ series is an ongoing form study exploring the possibilities of procedural modeling and procedural animation. Started in June 2017, each study has been made within a few hours and focusing on one single idea. While being entirely made in 3D, the series keeps some of the limitation of sculpture as it deploys itself within a particular space, using only one type of material at a time. Each study is made so that hypothetically it could be turned into a static, physical sculpture.


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