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Helmut Breineder | Pheromone

Helmut Breineder is a Berlin based Artist / Art Director / Motion Designer, working in a variety of mediums such as Animation, Media Installations, Projection Mappings. Born in Austria, 1975, where he studied Multi Media Arts in Salzburg, and lived in Vienna, London, Sao Paulo before moving to Berlin.

His personal work is a visually stimulating mix of vibrant colors, intriguing atmospheres and obscure humor. Curiosity being on of his major sources of creativity. Breineder's work invites you to react emotionally and instinctively, leaving space for everyones own interpretation and search for purpose and meaning.

Basically, everything we consider to be normal is extraordinary, from life to the act that we are sentient beings. Creating surreal scenarios and images is a playful way of seeing reality. It’s the chance to create your own alternatives. It helps to get out of life’s routines, which often makes things look so common and normal. Doing so keeps one open minded to the new, unknown or different, rather than rejecting it and tunneling into a narrow mindset only seeing reality from one point of view.

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